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We Provides a wide array of Web Design and Development. We don’t just design and build websites, we transform them into business and sales channels. Web design is the skill of creating presentations of content on the web. Our website designing team has over ten years of experince in building web solutions and website best practice. Media-Slave websites are built for your client, ensuring a clean and easy user experience and converting visitors and potential clients into sales and leads. We build your business on the web.

We implement complicated and critical web technology solutions like Php/Mysql, Magento, Joomla and Wordpress quickly and efficiently keeping costs down. Clear and clean pages that represent your business positively is our core mission. Using all the latest design, technology and best practices appropriately, we set up a perfect web site according to your instructions and add essential functionality to your website.

Static Website
All the pages are static and the site is mainly meant for providing information to users. This is considered a brochure website and is useful to companies who just want to maintain a presence on the internet. Content on these sites are generally not updated regularly.

Dynamic and Web2.0 websites
You have full control on the contents of the page and you can change any content at any time and as many times in a day. Update your audience easily and promote interaction through your website. This is the prefered website solution for most businesses both large and small as the best way to get new clients is to interact with them. These website are usually built on WordPress or Joomla (please see below).

PHP is an open source product, PHP can be used on all the major operating systems with most servers. The speed of development is also important. Because PHP allows you to separate HTML code from scripted elements, you will notice a significant decrease in development time on many projects. PHP is a server-side scripting language usually written in an HTML context. MySQL is a freely available open source Relational Database Management System, a database engine that uses Structured Query Language (SQL). Media-Slave provides web hosting through its sister company Web Hosting Scotland which is optimised for PHP/mySQL as well as windows hosting..

We provide successful projects windows & web based software solutions using Joomla programming. Joomla is one of the most widely used content management systems used in website design for small businesses as well as large corporate websites. It is powerful, easy to use, affordable and reliable.

Our Magento Development Services help clients to increase their online business and to be competitive.

WordPress is a progressive publishing platform with attention to web standards and usability. It was born out of a desire for well-architectured personal publishing system built on PHP and MySQL. It is a mature and stable product.

Web Design
Complete Content Management
Infinite pages, navbar control, images, and much more!
Infinite Pages and graphic images
Content Managed nav bars
Infinite internal and external hyperlinks

Complete control
Often without argument, the most commonly requested element of any website that we create is the ability for your clients to make additional changes easily without complex tools (and without incurring additional cost).

The term Content Management is an often misused (or misunderstood at best)!

Media-Slave provides content management in a great variety of ways from simple text and graphic image changes to screen layout changes and even the addition of new links on navbars referencing new pages. From text based changes to record based changes.
All of our websites allow the client to create new data such as product classifications and listings and to customize descriptions and even the emails that their website generates for their customers.

We believe that websites should allow clients to manage and direct the processes and the experience that their customers have on their website.

Website Content in Many Languages
Present your Website in many different languages.

Translation Agencies can log in and adjust the content whenever they wish.

We offer a range of solutions for web sites. However we try to push for Content Managed Solutions (CMS) using Joomla! OpenSource. This allows us to give you powerful and scalable websites that you can manage YOURSELF. Joomla! Is an OpenSource PHP project which means it is totally FREE. Our only charges are for the installation, personalisation, education and managing the install.

Joomla Opensource logoInstalling and running Joomla! is very cheap compared to bespoke CMS. It includes many components such as CRM, user management, news management, Forums, Communities, eCommerce. We also offer templates and template customising. (Joomla, as well as many other PHP based scripts and software are installable through your control panel. If you feel confident enough you can install and personalise it yourself. Please remember we do not support installs that we have not done or that have been done using the control panel and you would have to manage it yourself. This is mainly because we do not know your level of technical skill yet want to make these available for you.We will only support these installs when we have installed and educated you on it. There is a lot of documentation on the web on these scripts.)

Bespoke Web Development
In most cases a Joomla! Install will be all that you need. Using its components it can be scaled and adapted to everything you might want. IF your needs fall out-with the functionality of Joomla! then we will be happy to consult, develop and maintain your perfect solution.

Pure HTML site Development and Brochure Sites
Many of you just want a web presence. You want a neat, eye-catching brochure on-line. We would only suggest this solution if you know that your content won't change often. With the CMS solutions that we offer it can be cheaper than a HTML Brochure site in some cases. Please call us for more detail.


Media-Slave is a small, highly creative design & communications agency. We specialise in branding awareness campaigns for small to medium sized businesses through the web and traditional. We work discreetly and creatively to deliver graphic design and brand communication solutions, which increase the efficiency of your existing branding, whilst truly connecting with your clients. 

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