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Web Design and Development Case Study

Establishing your businesses website needs
We meet to discuss your goals, what we can do for you, the designs and influences. Establish hosting and domain name details.

Summary and quote
We’ll send you a summary of our meeting, our proposal, a price for the work involved and a timescale for project completion.

Draw up a brief
If you decide Media-Slave is for you, we will give you a full written brief and project outline with timeframe and website milestones.

Brainstorm and design
Our web team will start generating ideas. Those ideas will develop into designs and specific plans and your project is underway..

Final design sign-off
We will show you the design of your pages and website including any added features and functions requested and proposed by yourselves or us.

Site construction
We build your site to match designs and requirements agreed to.

Website analytics, maps and SEO
We’ll also build web tools into your site so you can analyse visitors to your site. These will form the basis of SEO and PPC campaigns if required or requested.

We’ll test the site works in the main browsers to ensure layout consistency. We test to IE 7,8 on a PC, Safari and Firefox on a Mac. Additional mobile phone browser capability can also be requested for iPhones and Android phones including WAP browsers.

We’ll present you with the finished project. A fully working new site including the design running on all pages.

Final website sign-off
Once we’re agreed that the brief has been met, the project will be complete and additional services can be added, serivices like ongoing site maintanence and upgrading, constant support, SEO and PPC campaign management, back-up and IT support.

We’ll show you how to maintain and manage your website, using Wordpress, Joomla, bespoke development or any other method we’ve chosen.

Website goes Live
Your site will go live to the public.
We are a complete communications and advertising company which build businesses online, let us advise on how best to promote and sell your services and products online. This includes website go-live strategies, business strategies, lead generation, social marketing and SEO.

After launch support
We’re always just a phone call away.


Media-Slave is a small, highly creative design & communications agency. We specialise in branding awareness campaigns for small to medium sized businesses through the web and traditional. We work discreetly and creatively to deliver graphic design and brand communication solutions, which increase the efficiency of your existing branding, whilst truly connecting with your clients. 

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