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Media-Slave designs logos, identity marks, pictorial marks, letterform marks, wordmarks and icons. We provide services that relate to the design and development of the identity or logomark and basic collateral such as stationery and marketing merchandise. It is always designed with your brand in mind or to create your brand.

Once we have completed the design part of the logo project, We can provide valuable advice on the complexities of commercial printing and print finishing. All due to our extensive experience working in these environments. We also have a close working relationship with several local printers, so will happily deal with the logistics of printing your business cards etc for you.

We will work tirelessly to design and help you implement a successful business identity. As well as logo design, we are also available for any other form of graphic design: brochures, posters, catalogues and anything else you care to mention.

Most completed logo projects and branding projects will receive a single page set of Logo Usage Guidelines, information on the construction of the logo as well as some important guidelines. Ask if you feel this would be useful for you.

A successful brand cannot be promised by anyone, a brand is created in the eye’s of the customer. Media-Slave are here to guide with our experience.

Logo and identity design is typically a process of evolution and research. If you need a logo for your business within 48 hours, we can't help.

We will not try to compete with the various free and clip-art style logo design websites that offer logo designs for £50. These are logo designs in the loosest possible sense. We will not use clip art.

We will not provide you with 2-4 concepts or ideas, one of which you must choose. Our logo and brand design process is much more natural, free flowing idea’s evolve over time. We will work with you and show you the intended directions at various points of the process. So no nasty surprises, or having to choose an idea you don’t like.

  • We obsess over details
  • We lean towards the iconic with minimalist tendencies
  • We favour clean, solid and typographic driven designs
  • We only use commercial and high quality typefaces
  • Love to brainstorm wonderful new company names and tag lines
  • We hate cliches in logo design
  • We strive to create something unique, memorable and appropriate
  • We are passionate and motivated
  • We are perfectionists


Media-Slave is a small, highly creative design & communications agency. We specialise in branding awareness campaigns for small to medium sized businesses through the web and traditional. We work discreetly and creatively to deliver graphic design and brand communication solutions, which increase the efficiency of your existing branding, whilst truly connecting with your clients. 

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