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Some new insights into Google new search algorithm and how it affects your business website

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On our latest trawl through the internet we came across this article which goes into more depth about the new Hummingbird Release by Google. For those that don't know what that means, Hummingbird, like Panda and the other releases are names given to new algorithms implemented by google to display search results in their search engine.

As Google just turned 15 it also implemented the latest in SEO busting algorithms.
SEO busting?
Well we think so. Mainly because SEO is still seen by many as search engine wizardry instead of content building. Most people still believe there are companies that can magically give them an advantage on google searches (advantages on anyone other than people who do nothing on SEO maybe yes).

Nearly every Google update since its first inception was aimed at making their searches as useful as possible for a user. Granted it is a complex issue to solve it does seem as if they get closer and closer to a searchers utopia every time.

Hummingbird, however, is aimed at not just being more useful and accurate but also tries to accommodate new ways people search. How people are now more likely to put search strings into Google which are more like a question in conversation than a straightforward keyword search string.

One of the websites we run are a testimony to Google efforts in making searches more about conversational syntaxes and longer search strings. Our example is which is a blog and information portal about travel in Scotland. There are many competing websites out there and rather than us trying to compete with broad terms like:
Scotland Directory
Holiday is Scotland
Accommodation Scotland
We have built content around specific places and 'activities' in Scotland and other longer content strings. This has worked very well and has also focussed efforts on specific content. And as it has been for the last 15 years, content is king.

This also ties in nicely with Social Media and how it is changing the way people use the internet overall. They are more likely to type the way they speak, search the way they would ask a question.

Please read a more indepth article about Hummingbird HERE.

If you need any help and advice on your websites content and content positioning we can help. Give us a call.
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