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Why no one follows you on Twitter

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Why no one follows you on Twitter http://www.altafsayani.com/2008/07/14/twitter-cartoons-really-funny/
Just like converting a visitor on a website, you have very little time to convince someone to follow you on twitter. You may have a split second or less before the viewer has made up their mind. Below are a few do’s and don’t around twitter.
Before we start lets discuss the obvious, your bio:
Just like some advice on CV’s the idea of writing your bio in the 3rd person can seem a bit weird, especially in the informal yet professional realm of Social Media Channels. It is perceived as being pompous. Everyone knows you wrote it and if you didn’t then it is not a genuine social media.

Make sure your bio is accurate, simple and modest because it deals directly with people. If you can add an appropriate funny or tounge-in-cheeck, even better.

Now for our list of good ideas below which should help you gain more followers and help you not lose any either!

You are a ‘guru’, ‘genius’, ‘entrepreneur’... Nah you’re not.
Well not until someone else who is respected says you are. You are also not a ‘ninja’, ‘expert’, ‘Jebus’ or any sort of diety or demi god. Let your tweets and blogs confirm your expertise.

Your profile pic is an egg?
Graphics, photos and images are important. They convey many messages about the person or account holder. It says how much effort you make in how you want to be perceived visually, it makes people remember you.

Don’t underestimate your header, this is prime advertising space and a great place to describe yourself. As before remember you are dealing directly with people so don’t put them off with weird images, self glorification, poor graphics etc.

Stalk people!
So if you follow me then I will follow you… woohoo. This might seem as ettiquette but to us it isn’t. people will follow you because they are interested in your content or what you have to say. If you concentrate on being helpful, post for value the visitors will come all by themselves. More importantly they will be quality leads as they will only follow you if they are interested in your products or services

Your following ratio is disproportionate.
A lopsided ratio of users you follow to users who follow you is often a red flag that an account is spam. It's understandable - and expected - that you'll follow more accounts than are following you, but a large disparity in these numbers makes your profile look suspicious. Try to gather some followers before you go crazy with the "Follow" button, or people won't want to join your strangely small list of follower

You tweet like a bat out of hell!
Tweet often and tweet value and info. Don’t tweet every aspect of your life and understand what part of your content is worthwhile to people.

iRobot is in charge of your twitter account
Do you schedule tweets? Or are you signed up to services that auto tweet on your behalf? If your recent tweets look like they were automatically generated, people aren't going to follow you.

What people want on Twitter is to hear your genuine voice, in real time. Twitter is about engagement, not just broadcasting meaningless words. If you don't reply to other Twitter users, or otherwise react to tweets and trending topics you see in your stream, you're doing it wrong.

You are the online second hand car salesman or market stall owner…
No! Yelling ‘ten for a pound’ every five minutes will not increase your sales or gain you any followers. Twitter and most social media channels are about networking and creating conversation and relationships. it is not a place for flogging your wares (people buying from you is a result of the brand and trust you create by sharing meaningful info online). If you work in a sales or marketing role, then by all means mention it in your bio. Do not, however, turn your bio into a sales pitch.

It's bad enough if you use your bio to push a product or service, but if your recent tweets show that you're all about the hard sell, too, no one is going to be interested in your profile.

Direct Message SPAM!
Guess for yourself!

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