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Using twitter to promote services and products online, a quick overview

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Using twitter to promote services and products online, a quick overview Credits! Not sure, a classic google find this

Don’t use Twitter solely for sales marketing, or expect to get lots of direct conversions. Twitter, and most other social media, should be about engaging with customers and other valuable followers rather than an extra RSS feed or telling people you bought some new socks. Don’t think you’ve failed because you haven’t reached a certain number of clicks or hits. It’s about finding new contacts, building up your brand and providing a friendly ear. That’s not to say that other strategies don’t work, but you need to be clear from the start about what you want to achieve with Twitter and what steps you’re going to take to achieve this; changing your mind halfway through will just confuse everyone.

To get traffic from your Twitter account to your website you need:
A strong follower base. You need lots of followers, but more importantly, relevant followers who are interested in the topic of your website and/or the services you offer. Refer back to the tips above for ways to build a targeted follower base.

Catchy, original tweets. Use numbers and intriguing titles, and where possible leave enough characters left for others to retweet your messages.

A solid reputation. You want to be known for delivering quality content and promoting valuable URLs. Quality content on your website is always attractive to Twitter followers, who will retweet your links and so help you promote your site. Each Twitter account has an associated Klout score, which is one method you can use to track your influence.

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